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G20 Summit 2023:Joe Biden Push His Agenda with Xi and Putin’s Absence

President Joe Biden
US President Joe Biden push his agenda in G20 Summit 2023

Joe Biden push his agenda with Xi and Putin’s absence in G20 Summit

President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden push his agenda in G20 Summit 2023

US President Joe Biden push his agenda in G20 Summit without Xi and Putin

In a recent article published by OdishaTV, US President Joe Biden will make the best use of G20 Summit in Delhi to push his agenda of a counter offensive to the escalating military and economic aggression of both countries, demonstrating America’s firm commitment to developing countries.

US President Joe Biden, who reached Delhi on Friday for the G20 Summit 2023, highlight at his speeches the absence of the two “autocratic leaders” of two big countries, members of the G20 Summit 2023 grouping, will only help to fractures coursing through the gathering of the world’s largest economies and its leaders, according to one of the observers.

Leaders from 25 countries attend the G20 Summit 2023 including UK premier Rishi Sunak, French President Emanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Australian Premier Anthony Albanese and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishidaare to be in attendance at the Delhi G20 Summit 2023 to work out a new world economic order based on a rule-based trading system that’s beneficial to all the nations in the group besides securing energy and geo-political security against aggressive nations.

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US President Joe Biden, who has an abiding faith in the power of G20 Summit 2023, desires the nations to come together at times of global peril, such as Russia who invade Ukraine and China’s aggressive stance on south china seas and mapping Indian territories such as Arunachal Pradesh.

Some Western officials think the utility of the G20 Summit 2023 in an era of fractured interests and global conflict is in doubt, entering the G20 Summit 2023, Biden’s aides emphasized they still view the forum as capable of producing valuable outcomes, sources in White House said.

G20 Summit 2023 will show that the world’s major economies can work together even in challenging times. Sullivan said as they head into Delhi for G20 Summit 2023, their focus is to deliver for developing countries, making progress on top priorities for the American people from climate to technology, and showing their commitment to the G20 Summit 2023.

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