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Gilgo Beach Murder Marred by Years of Corruption was Recently Solved

Gilgo beach murder suspect arrested a decade. (Photo:

The police chief who was in charge of the infamous Gilgo beach murder spent more time trying to dodge the feds rather than looking for the killer that left 10 dead bodies on Long Island’s South Shore.

Gilgo beach murder suspect arrested a decade. (Photo:

The Gilgo beach murder that happened between December 2010 and April 2011 was recently solved after it was forgotten, marred by years of corruption and cover ups.

According to Fox News, James Burke, the police chief that was in charge of the Gilgo beach murder investigation, took over the police department, the investigation for the Gilgo beach murder was buried along with corruption, cover-ups, and fighting with the FBI.

The dysfunction of the police chief and the department pushed the case of the victims of the Gilgo beach murder to the back burner, as well as the evidence and vital tips have collected dust for more than a decade. Until the arrest of Rex Heuermann, the suspect for the Gilgo beach murder, the case was more like a local lore than an active investigation. 

The Gilgo beach murder victims were found in the same area between December 2010 and April 2011. By the time the last body was found, Burke had already been the police chief less than nine months. Authorities have said in previous interviews that Burke had blocked Varrone from debriefing investigators about the Gilgo beach murder. This was denied by the county’s then top prosecutor, Tom Spota. However, vital evidence slipped through cracks.

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Vital evidence about the Gilgo beach murder was unearthed last year after the newly elected DA ray Tierney have put together a task force that included investigators from his office, along with the detectives from other levels of law enforcement.

According to Yahoo News, one of the vital pieces of evidence was the witness’s description of the potential suspect. The potential suspect was described as 6”4 “ogre” driving a Chevy Avalanche who was visiting one of the suspects around the time her body was found.

After Tierney was elected, he made the Gilgo beach murder his primary objective. Within months, the task force that he put together have identified Heuermann as the suspect using the evidence that was collected in the early days of the investigation. The task force has trailed him for about a year and finally arrested him on July 13.

Before he was arrested, Heuermann was living a double life, by day he was a successful architect but by night he was a predator who terrorized sex workers for his gratification. Heuermann was charged for the murders of the Gilgo beach murder victims, as well as the prime suspect in Brainard-Barnes’ slaying. He faces life in prison without parole, as well as still being under investigation in Suffolk County and elsewhere in unsolved murder cases that may fit a pattern.

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