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Gunplay: A Rapper Arrested in Miami After Pointing a Gun to His Wife.

Gunplay, whose real name is Richard Morales Jr. (Photo: Iheart)

Gunplay is facing charges after being detained on August 19 for allegedly pointing a gun at his wife.

Rapper Gunplay. (Photo: Reddit)

According to the article from  SOHH, the Miami rapper is accused of domestic violence, aggravated battery with a dealy weapon, false imprisonment, and child abuse.

Gunplay is accused of pointing a gun at his wife while she was holding their six-month-old child. According to Miami journalist Andy Slater, the former Maybach Music Group rapper was jailed after a video game dispute with his wife.

His wife reportedly asked him to “quiet down,” which angered Gunplay. The situation escalated to the point where he allegedly pointed a rifle at her while she held their child.

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Gunplay has disputed all of the charges leveled against him. He is, however, being held in the Miami-Dade County Jail on a $20,000 bail. Gunplay’s activities have aroused widespread controversy, with many denouncing them.

According to the police complaint, Morales began tossing glass cups and bottles after his wife told him to be quieter while he was playing a video game. He then took up a rifle and threatened to shoot her in the chest. He tried to take the baby away from her as she tried to flee, seizing her by the neck. Morales was caught shortly after leaving the apartment by police.

According to Complex, his wife issued a message on Instagram, saying, in part, “I just want everyone to know my daughter and I are safe.” Unfortunately, Richard has relapsed and developed a severe drinking problem. I’ve done everything I could to help and love him. This is a demon he must defeat on his own. At this moment, I believe it is too late.”

The arrest has sparked a firestorm of debate on social media sites. Users on X have spoken in on Gunplay’s arrest. “Keep him locked up,” one person remarked, while another simply said, “This is disgusting.”

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