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Gut Health Diet: Cooled Down Food Like Pasta, Rice and Potatoes Provides Health Benefits

Carb lovers
Cooled down foods like pasta is good for gut health

Another reason to cooled down your food

Carb lovers

Cooled down foods like pasta is good for gut health

The benefit of cooled down food in your gut health diet

In a recent article published by Insider, study shows that some leftovers kept in the fridge overnight may be great at promoting gut health.

Professor Hilakivi-Clarke said that foods like pasta, rice, quinoa, and potatoes are sources of a special type of dietary fiber called microbiota-accessible carbohydrates, also known as MACs. While all fiber is good, MACs are particularly good for boosting gut health diet because of the way they influence your gut microbiome. Microbiota-accessible carbohydrates a natural prebiotic that is good for gut health diet.

Most of the starchy foods don’t promote gut health diet as it didn’t have high levels of MACs. But you can transform pasta, potatoes, quinoa, and rice into gut health diet foods just by leaving them in the fridge to cool down.

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How to turn regular foods into resistant starches that’s a good gut health diet. Carb foods like rice, potatoes, and pasta don’t have many health benefits. That’s because when eaten fresh, their gut-helping properties to improve gut health diet haven’t been unleashed. Cooling these carbs in the fridge turns them into a good gut health diet.

When they’re cooled, the starches in these foods are restructured in a process called starch retrogradation. After this restructuring, the now-resistant starches become harder to digest — even if they’re heated up again. This allows them to get to your large intestine where they can feed the bacteria housed there, supporting your gut health diet. One of the health benefits of resistant starches is they are a type of MAC — those natural prebiotics that can boost gut health diet.

Hilakivi-Clarke said that MACs are a type of fiber that allows gut bacteria to produce lots of different metabolites that help the body. They help the immune system, they help the metabolic pathways in cells. These cooled, starchy foods could be particularly good gut health diet and good for people with diabetes.

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