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Hall of Famer Joe Thomas, Who Spent a Majority of his Career Blocking for Manziel, Was Aware That There Would be “Problems”.

Joe Thomas, a hall of famer who spend time together with Manziel on and off the field, was aware there would be “problems” before the snap.

M Aggies celebrates a third quarter touchdown during the game against the Rice Owls. (Photo: Getty Images)

Dan Patrick was informed by Thomas that immediately after being selected in the spring draft, the player disappeared and the coaches were unable to locate him. He would travel to Cleveland, stay for about a day, attend practice, and then simply vanish. I believe he was out partying in Cleveland on a bender when he lost his way back to the facility.

When he couldn’t even find his way during OTAs, a rookie who should be trying to put his best foot forward, I thought, “We may have some problems with this young rookie here.”

Thomas claimed he hasn’t seen the newest documentary in the Manziel-focused “Untold” series on Netflix and isn’t sure if he really wants to. He doesn’t exactly find it to be amusing.

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It can be difficult to recall Johnny Manziel is still only 27 years old because he has gone through so many highs and lows over the past ten years.

He still has his entire life ahead of him; football will only be excluded. In a statement to Don Williams of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Manziel appears at ease with the idea that his career as a professional quarterback is finished.

As Johnny alternated between the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the Montreal Alouettes in 2018, Manziel’s CFL career was shorter-lived than his effort in the NFL. If Johnny Football is truly finished, he still has a lot to be proud of. Manziel won the Heisman Trophy in 2012, was named a unanimous All-American, and threw seven touchdown passes in the NFL.

Few quarterbacks can make that claim, and Manziel doesn’t appear to feel the need to express regret over the course of his professional career.

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