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Heroic Maine Woman Sacrifices Her Life During Mass Shooting While Trying to Save Others

Following the horrific mass shooting at a Lewiston, Maine, bowling alley, many people have been moved by the bravery and altruism of one woman. 53-year-old Tricia Asselin, a part-time employee of the bowling alley, perished during the horrifying incident while attempting to phone for assistance. Bobbi-Lynn Nichols, her sister, recalls her younger sister as a hero and narrates the sad night.

A shooter opened fire in Just-In-Time Recreation on Wednesday night, leaving 18 people dead and 13 injured in two separate shootings that happened within minutes. It was a horrific and memorable occurrence.

That day, Tricia Asselin, who was off from work, had asked her sister Bobbi-Lynn Nichols to come bowl with her in the alley.

A loud pop reverberated throughout the building, shattering the tranquilly they were enjoying together on what appeared to be an average evening. That passed Nichols unnoticed until a second gun went off. They joined others in a desperate attempt to flee the turmoil after realising they were in danger. Putting her sister’s safety first, Nichols declared, “I want my sister out of there.”

Asselin was able to make a 911 call during the turmoil and placed herself in danger in an attempt to save others. Nichols thought her sister’s acts were almost heroic.

But when Nichols finally made it outside the bowling alley, she discovered her sister wasn’t with her. Sadly, Asselin had been shot while attempting to make a 911 call. The memories of her brave and unselfish deed will last a lifetime for everyone who knew her.

Nichols described Tricia Asselin as a great individual whose compassion, kindness, and honesty affected the lives of many. She was the kind of person who would donate her very last dime to aid a stranger and generate money for them. In addition to being an athlete, Asselin coached little league in Auburn, Maine, and had a profound effect on her neighbourhood.

Tricia Asselin’s mother, Alicia Lachance, wants her daughter to be remembered for her amazing giving in memory of her. Lachance revealed that her daughter, who is known for her generosity and compassion, just donated $900 for a breast cancer walk.

Echoing her mother’s words, Nichols promises to pay tribute to Asselin’s memory, maybe by walking in the breast cancer walk in 2024. She says, “I’m willing to walk for her—my heroic sister,” through tears. The heartbreaking Lewiston tragedies serve as a sobering reminder of the persistent spirit of compassion and altruism in the face of hardship.

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