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Inter Miami CF Might be In Trouble as USMNT Friendlies Take Place


With international break in full swing, most leagues around the world will be pausing, but Major League Soccer won’t. The league has continued to play during the FIFA breaks due to running a non-European schedule.


The Inter Miami Cf will be without key player. including their World Cup-winning Lionel Messi. Messi is joining with Argentina CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers, creating a conundrum for Tata Martino and Inter Miami CF.


According to CBS Sports, The Major League Soccer will continue to play even though the international break is in full swing. However, this creates few more issues than normal as Lionel Messi is now in the league with Inter Miami CF. While the Herons are pushing for a playoff spot, Messi now joins with Argentina CONMEBOL World Cup qualifiers, creating a conundrum for Tata Wolf and the Inter Miami Cf.


The Inter Miami Cf has leaned on Messi heavily since he has joined, going undefeated in all the competitions in all the 11 games that he had played. There is no denying the impact of Messi in the Inter Miami Cf as he has helped lead the Herons to a trophy in the Leagues Cup. His impact on Miami has gone from being the worst teams in the league to one of the best.


Inter Miami Cf was already a team that heavily relies on their forwards before Messi arrived, so it only makes sense that the club has been filtering play through Messi, but his involvement has been through the roof. Messi has been involved in 52.2% of their total expected goals while also taking 45% of the club’s shots despite only accounting for 10 percent of their touches. Whenever Messi gets the ball, good things happen, and he does not need much of the ball to accomplish that.

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While Messi and Martinez won’t be able available for the league that does not mean that Inter Miami Cf won’t have a team as Campana and Farias can lead the line.

Diego Gomez has been utilized as a pseudo-winger who can also drop back and defends, helping ensure that the front three is set. Prior to Messi’s arrival to Inter Miami Cf, the attack flowed through Campana and Martinez, so this won’t be much of a concern for things to go back there. Campana and Martinez have been responsible for 42.6 percent of Inter Miami Cf xG during the entire MLS season, and if that continues, then they may be just fine alongside Farias who has scored his first goal for the club last weekend.


If Callender is available, then this match will be pretty easy for the Herons even without Messi. While Alan Pulido can hurt them, SKC have struggled which gives them the advantage. Without Callender, the team may need more goals than expected.

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