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Investigators Arrest a 75-Year-Old Hattiesburg Woman for Murdering Her Husband

75-year-old Hattiesburg woman
75-year-old Hattiesburg woman was arrested for allegedly murdering her husbnad. (Photo: Law & Crime)

After continuous investigation, investigators found evidence that led to the arrest of a 75-year-old woman for killing her husband five years ago.


75-year-old Hattiesburg woman was arrested for allegedly murdering her husband. (Photo: Law & Crime)

 75-Year-Old Hattiesburg Woman Accused of Killing Her Husband

Investigators arrested a 75-year-old Hattiesburg woman for allegedly murdering her husband in 2018. Authorities identified the woman as Harriet Howe while her husband was George Howe. It was found that the investigators never closed the investigation of the case.

In a published article TRUE CRIME DAILY, authorities used advanced technology to gather pieces of evidence that would help them solve the crime. The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office, which heads the investigation, revealed that they found key evidence that would link the 75-year-old Hattiesburg woman to the death of her husband.

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According to the Forrest County Sheriff’s Office, the 75-year-old Hattiesburg woman’s bond was set to $1 million. However, it is not clear if Howe will hire her private attorney to defend her and if she will plead guilty before the court.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff did not reveal the cause of death of George Howe even though they found key evidence that would link the 75-year-old woman to his death.

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