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Isaiah Simmons NFL, Split with the Arizona Cardinals.

Arizona Cardinals Make Series of Trades (Photo: Economic Times)

It felt as though an eternity had passed before the Arizona Cardinals and Isaiah Simmons would get divorced.

Cardinals star backer Isaiah Simmons (Photo: Arizona Sports)

According to the article from FanNation, when opportunities present themselves and you don’t take advantage of them, “NFL” sometimes stands for “Not For Long” for athletes. Former Arizona Cardinals safety Isaiah Simmons Nfl is the latest example.

Not so long ago, Isaiah Simmons Nfl was regarded as one of the top draft prospects coming out of Clemson. He was a versatile chess piece who could be used everywhere on the field other than defensive tackle thanks to his exceptional combination of size, length, and speed.

It is uncommon for a prospect to be considered a “can’t miss” pick when they are selected, but Cardinals supporters felt just that way when former GM Steve Keim turned the pick in and elevated Simmons to the top ten of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Players like Haason Reddick, who was once selected with similar sentiments but played out of position by Arizona and ultimately found success outside of the desert, offered promise for correcting historical mistakes.

Simmons played a variety of roles before being shockingly moved to the New York Giants for a seventh-round pick (physical pending). He previously played inside linebacker, nickel corner, and now safety.

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Simply put, it was a move that made sense for both parties.

According to the article from NBC Sports, However, the Cardinals are not placing a high priority on trying to win as many games as they can in 2023.

At the draft, when the Cardinals traded current picks for future ones, the dynamic was made clear. When they expressly decided to release receiver DeAndre Hopkins prior to June 1, taking the full salary cap penalty in 2023 when it could have easily been split over two years, it became even more obvious.

By Thursday, it came as no surprise when the Cardinals traded Josh Jones and Isaiah Simmons Nfl, both 2020 third-round picks, to the Texans and Giants, respectively. In certain league circles, the players’ meager returns come as a shock.

Some people are wondering what the Cardinals did to maximize their profit or if they made the arrangements with the Giants and Texans at such a discount in order to curry their favor. Did they announce the availability of the players and wait for the best offers? If so, nobody revealed that the players were available to the media.

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