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Island Nations in the Pacific Gain US Recognition as Sovereign States in Move to Counter China’s Influence

With the aim of diminishing China's sway, the United States formally acknowledges the sovereignty of the Cook Islands and Niue in the Pacific region, prioritizing the preservation of a free Indo-Pacific area and the resolution of critical matters within these island nations (Photo: dawn)

Island Nations in the Pacific Recognized by the United States in Bid to Counter China’s Influence

In a bid to counter China’s influence, the United States officially recognizes the Cook Islands and Niue as sovereign states in the Island Nations in the Pacific, focusing on maintaining a free Indo-Pacific region and addressing key issues in these island nations (Photo: channelnewsasia)

Recognition of Cook Islands and Niue as Sovereign States Strengthens U.S. Ties with Island Nations in the Pacific

According to RTE, the United States, under President Joe Biden’s leadership, has officially recognized the Cook Islands and Niue, two island nations in the Pacific, as sovereign and independent states, a move aimed at bolstering influence in the Pacific region amidst growing competition with China. This recognition was made during a summit with the 18-member Pacific Islands Forum, signaling a more assertive American stance in the area.

President Biden emphasized that this recognition would contribute to maintaining a free and open Indo-Pacific region, while also addressing issues like illegal fishing, climate change, and economic growth in the island nations in the Pacific. Although the Cook Islands and Niue have small populations, they control significant economic zones in the South Pacific. They are self-governing island nations in free association with New Zealand, which means their foreign and defense policies have varying degrees of connection to Wellington.

The South Pacific has gained strategic importance in the rivalry between the US and China, with China expanding its influence in the region economically, politically, and militarily. The US recognizes the need to sustain its strategic focus in the face of China’s assertiveness and influence in island nations in the Pacific.

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Strengthening Ties and Cooperation with Island Nations in the Pacific, President Biden’s Diplomatic Efforts at the Pacific Islands Forum

The Pacific Islands Forum, attended by states and territories across the Pacific Ocean serves as a platform for engagement in the region with island nations in the Pacific playing a crucial role. However China’s influence was noticeable through the absence of the Solomon Islands’ prime minister who is aligning closely with Beijing.

President Biden’s engagement with Pacific leaders, initially planned for May was postponed due to a debt-ceiling crisis but the recent summit aims to strengthen relationships and cooperation with island nations in the Pacific with discussions covering climate issues the economy and political matters.

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