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Israel Declares War on Hamas After Unprecedented Attack: What You Need to Know

Israel has declared war on Hamas, the terrorist organisation of Palestinians, in response to an unprecedented offensives on Saturday that included air, sea, and ground attacks.

israel hamas war

israel hamas war

Over 1,200 people were murdered in the surprise attack in Israel, and retaliation Israeli bombings in Gaza resulted in at least 1,354 fatalities and 6,049 injuries. Claiming to have captured as many as 150 prisoners, Hamas fighters withdrew back into Gaza, threatening to destroy them should Gaza be attacked without prior notice.

The scenario has resulted in a humanitarian disaster, displacing over 330,000 people, forcing hospitals to run out of fuel, and shutting down Gaza’s only power plant. This is what we currently know.

What took place?
After firing thousands of missiles at Israeli communities, Gazan militants managed to breach the heavily guarded border barrier and enter Israeli territory. Both sides suffered hundreds of casualties in the subsequent fighting, including civilians. It took Israeli forces more than two days to stabilise the situation.

What Reaction Has Israel Given?
Israel declared war on suspected Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, initiating “Operation Swords of Iron” in response. Israel is carrying out a massive attack on Hamas targets as the crisis continues. Due to the closure of all crossings, there is a greater chance that ground forces will invade Gaza.   The fact that Hamas is now holding citizens as hostages complicates matters because of their presence in Gaza.

The Persistent War
The violence between Israelis and Palestinians has escalated throughout the years, and this war is the most recent in a long history of animosity between the two groups. Since 2007, Hamas has ruled Gaza, putting its citizens under harsh sieges that have made life there difficult.

Next up, what?
There is still uncertainty over Israel’s response and the likelihood of a ground invasion in Gaza. There have been rumours of international support for Hamas as a result of the scenario, which might turn into a regional war. Tensions have increased due to Iran’s purported support for Hamas and recent actions in the Middle East.

The area is dealing with a complicated and unstable situation, thus the world community is keenly watching events. The world is waiting to see how the battle between Israel and Hamas, which has serious humanitarian and geopolitical ramifications, will play out.


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