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Judge Sentenced a Former Prosecutor in Wisconsin For Recording Sexual Encounters With Women

Former prosecutor in Wisconsin
Former prosecutor in Wisconsin was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. (Photo: Law & Crime)

A former prosecutor in Wisconsin will be facing 18 months imprisonment for secretly recording sexual encounters with women.

Former prosecutor in Wisconsin

Former prosecutor in Wisconsin was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. (Photo: Law & Crime)

Former Prosecutor in Wisconsin Will Face 18 Months Imprisonment

Burnett County District Attorney Daniel Steffen, a former prosecutor in Wisconsin, will face 18 months imprisonment after the jury found him guilty of three counts of secretly filming sexual encounters with three women that include one he was prosecuting.

In a published article in FOX News, the investigation started in 2020 when a witness told the agent that a woman openly talked about having sex with the former prosecutor in exchange for leniency on her pending criminal cases, according to a filed complaint.

Moreover, St. Croix County Circuit Judge Scott Nordstrand handed down the sentence after the jury released their decision in April. Aside from 18 months imprisonment, the judge also ordered that the former prosecutor will serve two years of extended supervision and four years on probation after he gets out of prison.

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Evidence Gathered Against the Former Prosecutor

According to a published article in KRDO, investigators found an iPad that contained the recorded sexual interactions of the former prosecutor the three women. One of the videos of the former prosecutor was of having sex with a woman in August and September in 2018 but the woman did not know it was filmed.

Moreover, it was also discovered that the former prosecutor was having sex with another woman and they could be heard discussing how she could avoid charges for hitting the mailbox.

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