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Kazakhstan Define Economic Independence amid US-China-Russia power struggle

Kazakhstan is Forging Its Own Path

Kazakhstan economic emergence amid US-China-Russia power struggle


Kazakhstan is Forging Its Own Path

Amid US-China-Russia power game, Kazakhstan define economic independence

In a recently published article by Think China, since Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, it become a leader in the Central Asia region. There are much potential still waiting to be explored – Kazakhstan is walking a tightrope to balance its relations with the US, China and Russia.

Kazakhstan define economic independence amid US-China-Russia power game. A common Kazakh saying goes like this: to manoeuvre between the Russian bear and the Chinese dragon, one must be as dexterous as a corsac fox.

The greyish-yellow corsac foxes that define economic independence of Kazakhstan can also be found in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and other Central and Northern Asian countries. To define economic independence with habitat of these medium-sized foxes has been said to reflect the delicate situation of the five Central Asian states caught between the two major powers of China and Russia.

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Kazakhstan define economic independence in a highly contested area throughout history. To define economic independence, the five Central Asian countries sought balance and diversity in diplomatic relations over the last decade to promote regional economic integration.

Kazakhstan define economic independence in economy as it is larger among the other four Central Asian countries combined. Aside from Kazakhstan define economic independence, it is also the most adept at balancing its foreign relations. Russian continues to be an official language in the country, Kazakhstan define economic independence was able to engaged in military cooperation, such as training and exercises, with the US, the UK, Germany and other NATO countries in recent years, as well as maintaining friendly relations with China.

After Kazakhstan gained independence in 1991, Kazakhstan define economic independence reforms and sent a large number of its elites to study in the West. Kazakhstan’s abundant natural resources, the country that define economic independence was able to develop within a generation.

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