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Killed Over Displaying LGBTQ Pride Flag — GLADD Responds to Laura Carleton’s Murder

LGBTQ pride flag
Killed over displaying LGBTQ pride flag

Laura Ann Carleton shot dead over displaying LGBTQ pride flag

LGBTQ pride flag

Killed over displaying LGBTQ pride flag

GLADD responds to Laura Carleton’s murder as community mourns

In a recent article published by GLADD, Laura Ann Carleton, known by friends as Lauri, was murder in her Lake Arrowhead, CA, clothing store for displaying a rainbow pride flag. Carleton, 66, was a mother of 9, Ally, and a beloved member of her community.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s Office reported that the currently unnamed man entered Carleton business, Mag Pi, and made several disrespectful remarks about the LGBTQ pride flag that stood outside the store. It’s another attack motivated by anti-LGBTQ as he killed Carleton over displaying LGBTQ pride flag.

GLAAD President CEO Sarah Kate Ellis published a statement in response to Carleton’s murder over displaying LGBTQ pride flag. She said the tragic killing of Lauri over the LGBTQ pride flag displayed at her Lake Arrowhead store was senseless and, unfortunately, part of a growing number of attacks on LGBTQ people and our allies. GLAAD and the ADL have tracked more than 350 anti-LGBTQ threats and attacks this year.

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No one should feel unsafe or be attacked for simply supporting the LGBTQ community or by displaying the LGBTQ pride flag. Lauri’s murder over displaying the LGBTQ pride flag is the latest example of how anti-LGBTQ hatred hurts everyone, whether they are LGBTQ or not. We know a supermajority of Americans support LGBTQ people by displaying the LGBTQ pride flag, and this horrific act of violence is not indicative of American values.

Everett revealed this wasn’t the first time someone bothered Lauri about the LGBTQ pride flag. Every time someone took down Lauri’s LGBTQ pride flag or vandalized it, she put up another one. Everett posted on Instagram that all anti-LGBTQ rhetoric has a price.

Ari Carleton, one Lauri’s daughters, spoke to The New York Times about the tragedy. She said her mother had always taught them love, acceptance and equality. Ari shared that Mag Pi, where her mother displays the LGBTQ pride flag was opened up as a shelter to people in need during a blizzard in February.

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