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Know Where the Wildfires in Oregon Are as Evacuation Orders are Enforced

Dangerous wilfire

After strong winds from a rainstorm pushed lightning-sparked wildfires in Oregon rushing over national forest lands, authorities issued evacuation orders for rural regions close to California’s border with Oregon.

Oregon Wildfire

Wildfires in Oregon and California’s border are happening as started by a lightning strike turning woods into ashes.

Evacuation orders are enforced for rural regions due to flames of wildfires in Oregon and California’s border after high winds from a downpour pushed a lightning-sparked wildfire surging into national forest grounds.

At least 20 fires, most of them small, broke out in the Klamath National Forest when thunderstorms delivered lightning and downdrafts that fanned the flames through vegetation and rural areas. The fire in Siskiyou County, known as the Head Fire, was one of these fires.

In recent years there have been wildfires in Oregon, similar to many other Western states. Although flames naturally occur in healthy forest ecosystems, uncontrolled human-caused wildfires in Oregon pose a threat to people’s lives, their homes, and essential natural resources.

On Wednesday, US Route 199 between Pioneer Road near Gasquet and the Oregon state line was closed by the California Department of Transportation.

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Due to wildfires in Oregon and California, the Oregon Department of Transportation’s TripCheck indicates that there is no alternate route and no timetable for when the highway will be restored.

According to the US Forest Service on wildfires in Oregon, due to the escalating fire activity and hazardous weather, alternate routes are not advised. Roads owned by the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management shouldn’t be used as a detour.

Pets and large animals should be moved out of the evacuation zone if Lane County residents are under a Level 2 Be Set or Level 3 Go Now evacuation alert from the dangers bought by the wildfires in Oregon and California.

If you are affected by the said wildfires in Oregon and California, prior to accessing the facility, owners must call or text Lane County Animal Services at 541-285-8227. If your phone call is not answered, leave a detailed message that includes the number and kind of animals.

If you live near the place where the wildfires in Oregon are happening, please follow the evacuation orders enforced by the authority for your safety.

Stay safe!

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