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List of Illegal Drugs:Expert Says Opioid Nitazene could be Deadlier than Fentanyl

Experts warns people of nitazenes - a new street drug deadlier than fentanyl

Experts warns public about new street drug Nitazene


Experts warns people of nitazenes – a new street drug deadlier than fentanyl

A new street drug opioid nitazene is deadlier than fentanyl

In a recent article published by New York Post, a new study shows nitazenes could be more powerful than fentanyl — and 1,000 times more potent than morphine.

JAMA Network published a new study on Tuesday, found patients who overdosed on nitazenes which belongs to the list of illegal drugs, had to receive two or more doses of naloxone, a medication that reverses a drug overdose. According to the list of illegal drugs, patients who overdosed on fentanyl only required one dose of naloxone.

Nitazenes are lab-made opioids being mixed into another list of illegal drugs like heroin. Along with fentanyl that is already on the list of illegal drugs, nitazenes are synthetic opioids, but the two are unrelated. These drugs that belong to the list of illegal drugs are among the fastest-growing classes of opioids being detected in patients in the emergency department (ED) with opioid overdose.

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In order to perform the study on the list of illegal drugs, the researchers looked at the lab results of 537 patients who had been admitted to the hospital for a potential overdose. The drugs that belongs to the list of illegal drugs, found that 11 of those patients tested positive only for fentanyl, and that 9 tested positive only for nitazenes.

The study of these drugs that belongs to the list of illegal drugs showed that metonitazene overdoses were linked to cardiac arrests, as well as more naloxene doses overall. These patients that overdosed from the list of illegal drugs also exhibited higher rates of cardiac arrest and death than those involving other substances.

They also noted that when the drug that belongs to the list of illegal drugs in powder form can be a yellow, brown or off-white color, and that it’s also been mixed into heroin and fentanyl.

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