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Los Angeles Police Department Arrested an Armed Man Posing as Law Enforcement at RFK Jr. Campaign Event

A person armed with a weapon posing as a U.S. Marshal was quickly taken into custody by the Los Angeles Police Department during a campaign event (Photo: Opoyi Central)

Armed Impersonator Apprehended by Los Angeles Police Department During RFK Jr. Campaign Event

An armed man impersonating a U.S. Marshal was apprehended at a campaign event, Los Angeles Police Department swiftly responding to detain the suspect (Photo: NTD)

Los Angeles Police Department Instant Response to Ensures Safety at 2024 Presidential Campaign Gathering

An incident occurred at a campaign event for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a hopeful Democratic presidential candidate for 2024, on a Saturday. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, a man pretending to be a U.S. Marshal was arrested.

According to The Messenger Politics, the suspect, who had loaded guns and extra bullets in holsters on his shoulders, tried to get close to Kennedy by falsely claiming to be part of his security team. The Los Angeles Police Department swiftly detained him.

Notably, the impersonator had a U.S. Marshal badge hanging from a string around his neck and a federal ID on his belt. Kennedy expressed his hope on a social media platform called X (formerly Twitter) that President Biden would grant him Secret Service protection, acknowledging the Los Angeles Police Department’s rapid response.


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Los Angeles Police Department Applauded for Swift Action as Kennedy Expresses Security Concerns

He also thanked the Los Angeles Police Department for their quick response. Kennedy mentioned that he is the first presidential candidate in history to be denied protection by the White House. Earlier, he had criticized the Biden Administration for not approving Secret Service protection for him.

Typically, the Los Angeles Police Department provides protection to presidential candidates after they officially become their party’s nominee, unless they previously served as a president or vice president.

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