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Maine Shootings Suspect Robert Card Found Dead: A Community in Mourning

The tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, left the heartbreaking aftermath in a dark place on Friday when Maine State Police found the suspect, Robert Card, dead. 18 individuals were killed and 13 injured in this horrific occurrence, leaving the close-knit community in a state of indescribable despair.

the state of Maine At a news conference, Governor Janet Mills informed the press about the finding of Robert Card’s dead corpse in Lisbon, Maine, next to the river. At 7:45 p.m. ET, the 40-year-old suspect shot himself in order to end his life. To help with the search, authorities loosened hunting regulations. More information was to be provided during a briefing on Saturday at 10 a.m. ET.

Governor Mills sent her sincere appreciation for the people who responded to the tragedy with such courage, tenacity, and fortitude despite the shock and loss that had engulfed the town.

Governor Mills expressed her relief at hearing of Card’s passing, realising that he posed no threat to anybody. After this horrific incident, the community now has to embark on the difficult task of healing and going ahead.

Following the tragic shooting, Lewiston and the state of Maine are adjusting to a protracted and difficult healing process. Tragically, eighteen lives have been lost, leaving friends and family in grief and the larger community in complete shock.

Ten people’s names are still unknown, despite the fact that officials have identified eight of the fatalities. Given the seriousness of the incident, Robert Card was the subject of an arrest warrant issued on Thursday morning on eight charges of murder.

It was discovered that Robert Card was a Petroleum Supply Specialist in the U.S. Army Reserve when further information on the suspect came to light. He had spent the previous summer, according to a state police bulletin, confined for two weeks to a mental health facility. Moreover, Card had previously claimed to have heard voices and made threats in relation to a shooting at a military facility in Saco, Maine.

At around 38,500 people, Lewiston is the second most populous city in Maine, behind Portland, which is about 35 miles south. In the wake of this tragic event, the close-knit community now has the tough work of uniting and supporting one another as they travel the long road to recovery and try to find comfort and closure.

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