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Manhunt Underway for Estranged Son of Nashville Police Chief Accused of Shooting Two Officers

Tennessee law enforcement officials are now searching for John C. Drake Jr., the adult son of Nashville’s esteemed police chief, John Drake, who is currently estranged. Now, Drake Jr., a registered sex offender with a long criminal history, is charged with killing two suburban police officers when they were looking into a stolen automobile in La Vergne. While investigators continue to look for the 38-year-old Drake Jr., two La Vergne cops, identified as Ashely Boleyjack and Gregory Kern, are presently hospitalised in stable condition.

Drake Jr. reportedly drew a revolver on the cops following an altercation outside a Dollar General store in La Vergne, which is how the incident started. Both cops are said to have been shot by him, once in the back and again in the side. He is the subject of two warrants for attempted first-degree murder issued by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.


Police Chief John Drake addressed the criminal background and behaviour of his estranged son in a statement. He said, “My son, John Drake Jr., 38, resorted to years of criminal activity and is a convicted felon, despite my efforts and guidance in the early and teenage years.” I have not had him in my life for a long time. It is now necessary to locate him and bring him to justice for his acts of today. I sincerely hope that anyone who spots him or knows anything about him gets in touch with the police right away.”

John C. Drake Jr. is characterised as having dreadlocks, facial hair, and a strong frame. He stands five feet, eleven inches tall. When last seen, he was sporting grey trousers and a black T-shirt with a white hockey mask insignia on the front. He is considered dangerous and armed by the authorities; he was last seen travelling north on Stones River Road.

Residents of La Vergne were advised to shelter in place as a precaution during the manhunt by the local police. Since then, they have revoked the order, stating that there is no longer a direct threat to the public, although they still advise locals to exercise caution and report any suspicious activities.

Drake Jr. has a long criminal history, having been arrested several times starting in 2005. Three further sex offence convictions throughout the previous ten years are included in court documents, along with a 2009 rape conviction. In addition, he has been charged with assault, domestic abuse, illegal gun possession, and resisting arrest. He has been arrested several times for violating the state’s sex offender registration.

Mayor Freddie O’Connell of Nashville stated that he was in favour of Chief Drake and the injured La Vergne police officers, but he also acknowledged that family members had no influence over their decisions.

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