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Maryland Man is Arrested, Charged After Pointing a Gun at 2 Persons for Taking Selfies Inside a Convenience Store

Maryland Man
Maryland man was charged and arrested after pointing a gun at 2 persons inside a convenience store. (Photo: Yahoo News)

Police authorities arrested a Maryland man who was reported pointing a gun at 2 persons while taking selfies inside a convenience store.

Maryland Man

Maryland man was charged and arrested after pointing a gun at 2 persons inside a convenience store. (Photo: Yahoo News)

Maryland Man Pointed a Gun at 2 Persons

A Maryland man identified as Timothy Davis, 38 years old, pointed a gun at two persons while taking selfies inside the convenience store. Fortunately, another customer was able to record the scene which became viral online and led to the arrest of Davis.

In a published article in FOX News, the two persons were taking selfies while they were inside the convenience store when David started to get mad and pointed a gun at them. It is not clear why the Maryland man got mad in the situation.

Meanwhile, the Maryland man approached the person in the parking area when they exited the convenience store. Fortunately, none of them was hurt or in critical condition.

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Maryland Man was Arrested and Charged

According to a report published in Yahoo News, the captured video of the Maryland man became the main evidence for police authorities to arrest him. They immediately went to his house in Taneytown. The authorities took him to the Carroll County Detention Center for him to appear before the District Court Commissioner.

Furthermore, he was charged with first and second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, firearm use, and reckless endangerment.  It was also found that a firearm was discovered during his arrest.

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