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Maryland Woman Stabbed to Death a 62-Year-Old Man Using a Butter Knife Inside a Restaurant

Stabbing incident
Maryland woman is wanted for stabbing a 62-year-old man inside a restaurant. (Photo: Getty)

Police authorities are now searching for a Maryland woman who stabbed to death a 62-year-old man using a butter knife inside a restaurant.

Stabbing incident

Maryland woman is wanted for stabbing a 62-year-old man inside a restaurant. (Photo: Getty)

Maryland Woman Is Wanted For Killing a 62-Year-Old Man

A Maryland woman is now wanted for stabbing to death a 62-year-old woman using a butter knife inside a restaurant. It was also found that another man helped the suspect in committing the crime and the incident happened inside the Keith and Sons Soul Food Café.

In a published article in FOX News, the Maryland woman is identified as Raykia Poston, 21 years old, while the other man is Jesse Culley, 37 years old, who helped her in committing the crime. Meanwhile, the 62-year-old victim is identified as Mervyn Daniel who was rushed to the nearest hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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Results of the Investigation

The investigation revealed that the victim had a verbal altercation with Poston and Culley before the stabbing incident happened. The two suspects left the restaurant and returned later allegedly searching for her $10 and yelled, “I will kill everybody in this store.”

According to a report published in Washington Post, witnesses of the crime told the police officers that the 62-year-old man was just standing near the kitchen when Poston grabbed the butter knife and stabbed Daniel.

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