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Maui Wildfire Prompts Hawaii Officials into Investigation as Death Toll Continues to Rise

Maui wildfire's death toll rises to 67. (Photo: iStock)

The Maui wildfire is one of the deadliest US wildfires in recent years. This has caused people’s homes to be destroyed, displacing thousands of Hawaiians, as well as killing at least 60 plus people.

Maui wildfire’s death toll rises to 67. (Photo: iStock)

Hawaii launches investigation into wildfire management as the death toll of the Maui wildfires rose to 67.

An article from TRT World, stating Hawaii’s chief legal officer has launched an investigation into how the Maui wildfire was handled. The investigation takes place when residents of Lahaina return to find their homes in ruins as a result of the Maui wildfire that has not yet been contained. 

Anne Lopez, Hawaii’s attorney general said that her department would be committed to understanding the decisions that were made before and after the Maui wildfire, as well as sharing the results to the public. 

Many survivors of the Maui wildfire said in interviews how they did not hear any warning that gave them time to prepare, only realizing they were in danger when they saw flames and heard explosions nearby. Emergency management in Hawaii did not provide any evidence that sirens had sounded prior to people being forced to escape for their lives. Instead, people were sent alerts through mobile phones, televisions, and radios about the Maui wildfire, but power and cellular outages may not have reached the people.

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The confirmed death toll rose to 67 on Friday, surpassing the 1960 tsunami that killed 61 people.

The article released by France24, stated how crews from Honolulu have arrived along with their search and resume team to help with the Maui wildfire. Firefighters are still continuing to extinguish the Maui wildfire. Maui county police said on Thursday that 1,000 people could be accounted for, though that does not mean that they are dead or missing.

Some of the people who made it back to Lahaina wandered in silence after seeing the destruction that was made by the Maui wildfire. Locals have said how it is devastating to see their place and life was destroyed by the Maui wildfire. 

The wildfire follows other weather events in North America, like how a record-breaking wildfire is still burning across Canada, and a major heat wave in the US southwest.

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