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Michigan Shooting Suspect Escaped — After Stolen Vehicle Crash

Belleville, Michigan
Belleville police chase shooting suspect

Belleville police chase shooting suspects tied to stolen vehicle

Belleville, Michigan

Belleville police chase after a shooting suspect

Two people were shot on Belleville Main Street on Thursday

In a recent article published by, authorities confirmed the suspects in a shooting incident escaped on foot after stolen Jeep crashed late Thursday. Police believe two of the suspects were armed. An AR-15 was found in the vehicle after it crashed.

According to Belleville police, the pursuit of Michigan shooting suspect using stolen Jeep driving erratically began in Van Buren Township and then crossed into Belleville around 11 p.m. Police believe the Michigan shooting suspect shot two people while driving down Main Street in Belleville. The chase after the Michigan shooting suspect continued into Inkster where the Jeep crashed, and three suspects fled on foot. Police are still looking for them.

Michigan shooting suspect shot a man and a woman. The man is hospitalized in critical condition while the woman is in stable condition. It’s unclear whether the Michigan shooting suspect targeted or randomly shot the couple. More than 30 bullet casings were found at the scene

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Michigan shooting suspect fled using a stolen vehicle. According to Belleville police, Van Buren Township police informed them of a possible stolen Jeep traveling in Belleville around 11 p.m. As an officer was responding, the stolen vehicle suspect ended up shooting a man and a woman. Michigan shooting suspect escaped on foot as the stolen vehicle crashed.

The officer pursued the Michigan shooting suspect using a stolen vehicle onto eastbound I-94. Both Belleville and Van Buren Township police chased the Michigan shooting suspect as it fled on the freeway. Then, officers learned about the two people shot on Main Street close to Egan’s Pub. Officers responded to the scene, where bystanders were helping the man and woman who had been shot.

The investigation of Michigan shooting suspect is ongoing.

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