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Minnesota Poison Expert Faces Murder Charges in Wife’s Mysterious Death

Minnesota Poison Expert Faces Murder Charges in Wife's Mysterious Death
Minnesota Poison Expert Faces Murder Charges in Wife's Mysterious Death

A former Mayo Clinic resident, Connor Bowman, is facing murder charges for the alleged poisoning of his wife, Betty Bowman, over the summer. The perplexing case unraveled as investigators delved into the circumstances surrounding Betty’s sudden and mysterious death.

On August 16, Betty Bowman sought medical attention at the Mayo Clinic’s emergency room due to dehydration and diarrhea. Her health rapidly deteriorated over several days, culminating in organ failure and worsening cardiac issues, leading to her tragic passing on August 20. Her family’s obituary initially listed her cause of death as a “sudden onset autoimmune and infectious illness.”

Minnesota Poison Expert Faces Murder Charges in Wife's Mysterious Death

Minnesota Poison Expert Faces Murder Charges in Wife’s Mysterious Death

However, investigators have since made a shocking revelation, alleging that Connor Bowman poisoned his wife using a gout medication, despite her not having the ailment. Instead, Connor informed doctors that he suspected his wife had succumbed to hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), a rare disease in which white blood cells attack other blood cells, causing inflammation in the spleen and liver.

Interestingly, Betty Bowman’s medical records did not include any HLH diagnosis, casting doubt on the husband’s explanation. Suspicion further deepened as it came to light that Connor was adamant about promptly cremating his wife’s remains and avoiding an autopsy. The couple had been grappling with marital problems and contemplating divorce around the time of Betty’s untimely demise.

Additionally, it was revealed that Connor Bowman was the beneficiary of a $500,000 life insurance policy held by his late wife. This financial incentive raised eyebrows among investigators, adding a layer of complexity to the case.

To complicate matters further, Connor Bowman had previously worked as a poison expert at the University of Kansas and had access to substantial knowledge regarding toxic substances. He reportedly used his university-issued computer to research colchicine, the gout medication allegedly used to poison his wife. Despite often handling inquiries related to poison, there were no records of him providing consultations about colchicine.

The Mayo Clinic released a statement addressing Connor Bowman’s arrest, noting that the charges were unrelated to his responsibilities at the clinic, and his training had concluded earlier that month.

Connor Bowman is currently held in the Olmsted County Jail, booked on charges of second-degree murder with intent but not premeditation. The case raises questions about the intricacies of marital disputes, insurance policies, and the manipulation of expertise for sinister purposes.

Betty Bowman, a pharmacist who cherished travel and her beloved Corgi, Sir Crumpet II of Mayberry, is remembered fondly through her obituary, underscoring the tragic nature of her demise and the subsequent legal proceedings.

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