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Missing San Diego Woman Chelsea Grimm’s Last Contacts: Police Officer and Woodcutter

The 32-year-old San Diego resident Chelsea Grimm vanished in late September while travelling across the nation to attend a family wedding in Connecticut. Concerns and inquiries concerning her disappearance are raised by her final known encounters.

Grimm’s Journey

Chelsea Grimm had made plans to camp in Arizona while travelling by car from San Diego to Connecticut. Her path, however, took an enigmatic turn, and she was last seen on September 27–30.

Suspicious Activity Near Cemetery

On September 28, a Williams, Arizona, police officer responded to a report of suspicious activity near a cemetery. The cemetery was located about eighteen miles away from Ash Fork, where her automobile was eventually discovered. An emotive conversation between Grimm and the officer can be seen in body camera footage that was able to get. Grimm stated that she was sad while taking pictures of fallen troops for a photographic project. She also disclosed that she planned to spend the night camping because she didn’t have a motel. The policeman recommended a nearby petrol station where she might quietly spend the night. This was Chelsea Grimm’s final known sighting.

Chelsea Grimm had a brief interaction with a woodcutter on September 30, when he discovered her sleeping in a secluded region of Ash Fork. Although she told the employee that everything was OK, this was their last conversation before she vanished.

Finding of Abandoned Vehicle: On October 4, after her family filed a missing person’s report, hunters in the Kaibab National Forest came upon a white Ford Escape that had been abandoned. Her bearded dragon, “Roz” or “Roxy,” was gone, the car was secured, and her personal items remained inside.

Continued Research:   The inquiry is being led by the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, which has been aggressively looking for Chelsea Grimm.

Information Request: Please call the Sheriff’s Office at 928-774-4523 if you have any information regarding Chelsea Grimm or her bearded dragon. The investigation into Chelsea’s disappearance is still ongoing, and her family is still optimistic about the result.

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Chelsea Grimm are puzzling, and investigators are doing a great job of trying to figure out what really happened to her those fateful days at the end of September.

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