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Mortuary Worker Arrested After Alleged Tryst with Dead Man’s Sex Doll

Mortuary Worker Arrested After Alleged Tryst with Dead Man's Sex Doll
Mortuary Worker Arrested After Alleged Tryst with Dead Man's Sex Doll

A life-sized sex doll belonging to a deceased man allegedly put a Nebraska mortuary employee in an unusual and awkward scenario that led to his arrest. He lost his job as a result of the event, and he is now facing criminal accusations. Ryan Smith, 41, is accused of attempting burglary, criminal trespassing, and tampering with physical evidence. Mid America First Call is a business that the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office contracts with for the collection and processing of deceased corpses. He was arrested and detained at the Sarpy County Jail, but according to his public attorney Thomas Strigenz, he was freed after paying $500 bond.

The strange series of events started on October 6, when Smith and a colleague were called to the home of a 51-year-old Chalco man who had died from natural causes. Later that day, according to WOWT, Smith called the property manager and said the sheriff’s office had given him an order to retrieve a life-sized sex doll for “biopsy” purposes.

But Captain Tori Boldt of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office made it clear that unless the goods were pertinent to a criminal investigation—like a murder case—or if they had trace evidence that needed to be processed, their agency would not request such materials. They wouldn’t take anything from a death scene unless there was a valid reason.

Smith’s request was turned down by the property management, who grew suspicious upon hearing strange noises emanating from the now-vacant flat. After looking into it more, he found Smith inside with the chain fastened and the deadbolt locked.

The property manager entered, saw Smith’s rumpled attire, and reported the suspicious activities right once. “The landlord called to report this suspicious activity,” Boldt clarified. He phoned and claimed it was weird because they saw that the individual claiming to pick up the doll for us was not accompanied by any police. Although [Smith] had fled the scene, we knew who he was, so we followed him to complete the arrest.”

When detectives returned to the area after Smith’s second visit, they saw that objects had been repositioned, which was different from the first pictures taken that day. Items had been relocated, including a survival kit. To process the revised crime scene and gather fingerprints, the Douglas County Crime Lab was contacted. Investigators also planned to take DNA samples from the sex doll that was left in the residence, according to WOWT.

According to the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office, there isn’t any proof that Smith interfered with other crime scenes. Additionally, they stated that this occurrence did not represent the general performance of the funeral firm with which he was engaged, and they intended to go on dealing with them.

This unique instance has sparked discussion and serves as a reminder that the law applies even in the most improbable of circumstances.


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