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Most Dangerous Areas In Montana

City view. Billings, Montana, USA.

As a member of the law enforcement community in Montana, I am aware of both the state’s difficulties as well as its natural beauty and opportunities for adventure. The beautiful scenery, spectacular mountains, and quaint tiny towns of Montana are well known.

American town – Red Lodge, Montana, USA (Photo: IStock)

According to FCBV, However, Montana is not immune to crime, just like every other region on Earth. We’ll go over the 10 most dangerous cities in our beloved state today, giving pertinent information, safety advice, and responses to frequently asked issues.

Keep in mind that knowledge is power. We can do more to preserve ourselves and our communities the more we are aware of our environment. Even while some places have a higher crime rate than others, it’s important to remember that every community has dedicated law enforcement officers working hard to maintain the peace and protect all citizens.

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Take time to read to the most dangerous areas in Montana.


The biggest city in Montana, Billings, has particular difficulties keeping its security. The comparatively high rates of violent and property crime in Billings illustrate how a growth in population frequently coincides with an increase in crime rates. These high figures could be attributed to the city’s distinctive placement at the crossroads of many important roadways.


Missoula is a lively city known for its stunning university campus and thriving arts community. However, the complexity of crime come with life. The rates of violent and property crime are greater than the national average, particularly in locations with a high concentration of students who might not exercise adequate caution.


Great Falls is a popular tourist destination because of the five nearby waterfalls that bear its name. However, it has trouble with the crime problem. Compared to other Montana cities of comparable size, the city has higher rates of violent and property crimes.


Our state’s capital, Helena, is a city with a rich history and culture, but it also has problems with crime. Statistics show above-average rates for Montanan cities of its size for both violent and property crimes, which is cause for concern.


Bozeman, famed for Montana State University and its proximity to amazing outdoor activity, has had problems with crime in the past. Even if they are lower than in some of our other cities, the crime rates are nevertheless greater than one might anticipate in such a vibrant metropolis.

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