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Most Dangerous Areas in Philadelphia.

Aerial photo in Philadelphia. (Photo: Unsplash)

Pennsylvania State’s capital is Philadelphia. The area is renowned for its top-notch dining, world-class entertainment, and other amenities found in large cities. Philadelphia is the second-largest metropolis on the East Coast and the fifth-largest city in the United States.

Downtown Skyline of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at twilight in USA (Photo: IStock)

According to MoneyInc, Any populated city should have dangerous zones and a high crime rate. There are both good and bad neighborhoods in every city in the entire planet. Philadelphia is not an exception in this case. Philadelphia has some great, kid-friendly neighborhoods, but it also has a worryingly high crime rate.

Statistics show that Philadelphia’s crime rate is 55% greater than the country as a whole. Let’s assess the safety situation in Philadelphia before going into detail about the worst Philadelphia neighborhoods.

One of the indicators used to assess a place’s safety is the violent crime rate. Robbery, murder, forcible rape, and non-negligent manslaughter are a few examples of violent crimes. Theft, forgery, and burglary are all examples of property crimes.

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Strawberry Mansion, Elmwood, Hunting Park, and Fairhill are among of Philadelphia’s riskiest communities. Analyze Philadelphia’s worst neighborhoods in detail below.

1. Tioga- Nicetown

Even though the neighborhood is called “nice,” it is not a nice area. Tioga and Nicetown are two distinct neighborhoods in Philadelphia’s northern region. Consensually, the town is referred to as Nicetown. Look no further to find out which area in Philadelphia is the worst.

2. Hunting Park

Hunting Park is another area of Philadelphia that you should stay away from. The presence of gangs in the area has gained it notoriety. The local street gangs are largely to blame for the crime in this area.

3. Strawberry Mansion

You might be led to believe that this city is good by the name of this neighborhood, but that is not the case. The area has a horrible reputation as being among Philadelphia’s most hazardous, according to Original News Break.

4. Fairhill

This community, which has 27,298 residents, is located along Glenwood Avenue to the west of Kensington. Only 20% of people live in this area, which is known for its endless rows of dwellings. Philadelphia’s Hispanic neighborhood and the Philadelphia Badlands are both located in Fairhill.

5. Alleghany West

This area of town, which is located up in the north, is the third most violent in Philadelphia. Alleghany West, like most areas of Northern Philadelphia, is an underprivileged African American neighborhood.

Disinvestment and post-industrial depreciation have exacerbated the harm to this community. Between 1990 and 2000, the neighborhood’s population decreased significantly.

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