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Murder for Hire Plot:California Horsewoman Accused of Hiring Hitman to Kill Estranged Husband

California Horsewoman
California Horsewoman accused for hiring hitman for $2 million to kill her husband

Horsewoman hire hitman for $2 million to kill her husband

California Horsewoman

California Horsewoman accused of hiring hitman for $2 million to kill her husband

A California horsewoman was accused of murder for hire plot against her husband

In a recent article published by BlazeMedia, authorities arrested a California woman who is accused of organizing a $2 million murder for hire plot to kill off her estranged husband.

The murder for hire plot mastermind, Tatyana Remley, 42, was arrested on Aug. 2 at a Starbucks in Solana Beach, California. The attractive and wealthy equestrian was charged with murder for hire plot, carrying a weapon in a vehicle, and carrying a loaded firearm in a public place, according to court records.

Prior to the murder for hire plot, Remley filed for divorce from her 57-year-old husband on July 11. The pair had been separated since May, but shared homes in Del Mar and Rancho Santa Fe. The divorce filing also reportedly claimed that her husband, Mark Remley, held a gun to Tatyana’s head one time and once chased her around their $5 million California home with a knife. Before the murder for hire plot, Tatyana asked the court to order Remley to pay $15,000 in monthly support and to grant her control of multiple assets, including vehicles and property.

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According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, prior to the said murder for hire plot, Mark Remley bought Tatyana about $160,000 worth of clothes and jewelry and a $30,000 truck. He also bought her a $218,000 engagement ring and a $70,000 diamond ring. But the organizer of murder for hire plot Tatyana was on law enforcement’s radar before she filed for divorce.

Tatyana who allegedly orchestrated murder for hire plot was charged for possession of three firearms and ammunition when police reponded to a fire incident in couple’s $5 million home on July 2. The alleged murder for hire plot mastermind had an illegal handgun hidden in her car and then got out with it in public. She was later released on bail. While the fire is still being investigated.

Tatyana is accused of organizing a murder for hire plot on her husband – who she has been married to since 2011. The day after the fire, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department opened an investigation into her alleged murder for hire plot after receiving an information that Remley was attempting to hire someone to kill her estranged husband.

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