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New Army Combat Vehicle: US Army Unveils $13M High-Tech ‘Combat Vehicle’ with Laser Targeting, 105mm Cannon, and Night Vision

M10 Booker (Photo: Popular Mechanics)

New Army Combat Vehicle: US Army Unveils $13M High-Tech ‘Combat Vehicle’ with Laser Targeting, 105mm Cannon, and Night Vision

General Dynamics Land Systems Awarded $258 Million by U.S. Army for 26 Additional M10 Booker Combat Vehicles – General Dynamics Land Systems

The New Army Combat Vehicle: M10 BOOKER (Photo: GDLS)

Introducing the New Army Combat Vehicle: Meet the M10 Booker, a Modern Battlefield Game-Changer with Tank-Like Features

According to the Daily Mail article, the US Army has just revealed its latest cutting-edge new army combat vehicle, unveiling specifications for a $13 million ‘combat vehicle’ equipped with advanced features such as laser targeting, a formidable 105mm cannon, and night vision. Interestingly, despite its tank-like characteristics, officials are adamant that this innovative creation should not be classified as a tank.

Breaking a four-decade tradition, the US Army is now embarking on a substantial overhaul of its longstanding Abrams tank by introducing the new army combat vehicle, the M10 Booker. This novel combat vehicle has been engineered to offer enhanced agility and versatility on the modern battlefield.

Although the Pentagon prefers to label it a ‘combat vehicle,’ the significant investment of $1.3 billion in the project leaves little doubt that the M10 Booker is poised to assume the role of the new army combat vehicle and become the Army’s premier tank. The iconic Abrams tank, originating from the 1970s and boasting a colossal 67-ton weight, has been a central asset in military operations, prominently featured in conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

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New Army Combat Vehicle Unveiled: M10 Booker Revolutionizes Modern Warfare with Agility and Efficiency

According to the ICONOCAST article, the evolving demands of warfare have necessitated the creation of a new army combat vehicle, the novel tank model known as the M10 Booker. In response, the M10 Booker has emerged, tipping the scales at a relatively lighter 42 tons. This innovative combat vehicle not only offers improved agility but also provides crucial support to infantry units in scenarios where the Abrams tank may encounter operational limitations. What sets it apart is its robust engine, enabling an impressive 24-hour operational capability and an extended range of 350 miles, surpassing the Abrams by a significant 100-mile margin.

The development of the Booker is regarded as a strategic solution to the formidable logistical challenge of transporting heavy tanks like the Abrams across the globe. Its unique advantage becomes apparent in its capacity to transport two new army combat vehicles within a single C-17 Globemaster carrier jet, a capability the Abrams lack. This advancement aligns perfectly with the US military’s drive for enhanced efficiency, a priority that has gained even more significance amid the escalating conflict in Ukraine and the commitment to provide vital support to the region.

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