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New Boston University CTE Study: 41% of Athletes Died Young Suffered from CTE


Study shows high percentage  of athletes died suffer from CTE


Brain study reveals 41% of young athletes died, was diagnosed with CTE

Study reveals high percentage of athletes who died young suffer from CTE

In a recent article published by CBS News, researchers reveal a new study where they found evidences of CTE in young athletes. According to the Boston University CTE study, 41% of young athletes suffer from CTE. And most of these athletes died before they reach the age of 30.

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy also known as CTE is a progressive and fatal brain disease caused by repetitive head trauma. Boston University CTE study looked at the brains of 152 young athletes who had been exposed to repetitive head impacts. The Boston University CTE study these athletes from youth, high school, or college sports and those who died before they reach the age of 30.

Boston University CTE study found that 41% of athletes who had been exposed to repetitive head impacts, found evidence of CTE, usually mild. Boston University CTE study said that most were newbie athletes who played football, ice hockey, soccer, rugby, or wrestled

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According to the Boston University CTE study the symptoms of CTE can include memory loss, depression, aggression, problems with impulse control, and suicidal behavior. The Boston University CTE study reveals the most common cause of death was suicide.

Given the Boston University CTE study, experts say the longer a young person plays contact sports, the greater the risk it will cost them. TheBoston University CTE study gives parents the insight to weigh the pros and cons of participation in these activities.

Additionally, as the Boston University CTE study reveals the risk, any young person who begins to develop symptoms of brain injury should seek medical attention right away. The Boston University CTE study believe that early treatment can improve outcomes.

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