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New Cold War Between US-Russia: Two New US Jets Capable of Carrying Nuclear Weapons Will Be Based in Britain

US jets
New US jets capable of carrying nuclear weapon will be based in Britain

Two new US jets will be based in Britain

US jets

New US jets capable of carrying nuclear weapon will be based in Britain

Two squadrons of new US fighter jets will be based in Britain

In a recent article published by DailyMail, two squadrons of US fighter jets, capable of carrying of nuclear weapons, are set to be based in Britain this year, it has been claimed. Experts have said the move, which will reportedly see F-35 As deployed and based at the US-rented RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk, is evidence that the West has entered a new cold war.

A new cold war between US and Russia, when US Air Force report showed that the military base could be used for Americans to host nuclear weapons in the UK again. ‘F-35s will be based there,’ a defence source told the Telegraph. New jets have deployed and will be moving in at the end of this year, if not sometime in 2024. Entering a new cold war, the planes have the capability of carrying out tactical nuclear bombings as well as conducting air-to-air missions and gathering intelligence.

The US message to enter a new cold war with Russia, plans to bring 54 F-35s to replace the current F-15s – which are also capable of carrying nuclear weapons but less advanced. Since it’s a new cold war between the US-Russia, the source added: It’s a newer, more capable aircraft, which has a longer range and stealth, which is crucial if you are going to use them to accurately drop nuclear bombs.

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The US budgetary report showed a request for $50million (£39.6 million) to build the 144-bed dormitory to house the increase in enlisted personnel as the result of the potential Surety Mission in this new cold war. The reported return of the weapons to British soil is a significant move to the new cold war, with some suggesting it indicates how dangerous and complex our world is becoming.

This is a game of poker. The US-Russia new cold war. If the US is putting nukes in the UK, it’s a message to Russia that they are serious in this new cold war. It comes as concerns over nuclear warfare are at their highest level for some years following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, who is chairman of the defence select committee, said: If the Americans believe they need to store nuclear weapons in UK for this new cold war, it is a huge indicator of how dangerous and complex our world is becoming. He said the UK should be supportive of the decision if it helps with wider security in this US-Russia new cold war. But campaigners have urged the government to refuse the return of nukes to the UK.

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