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New Ukraine Aid Package — US announces $200

US announces new $200M arms package for Ukraine

The US announces $200m as new aid package for Ukraine


US announces new $200M arms package for Ukraine

Ukraine will receive new $200 aid package from US

In a recently published article by The Hill, the U.S. announced on Monday a $200 million security aid package for Ukraine, providing Kyiv with another round of munitions and tactical vehicles for use in the fight against Russia. The new Ukraine aid package places total U.S. security assistance to Ukraine at roughly $43 billion started when Russia invaded in February 2022.

The Biden administration disclose the new Ukraine aid package in the middle of a major counteroffensive operation. The said new Ukraine aid package includes more munitions for advanced weapons systems coveted by Ukraine, including High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems and Patriot missile defense systems.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken wrote Monday on X, that the new Ukraine aid package will keep the Ukrainian armed forces in the fight to defend their country’s sovereignty, territory, and people. The new Ukraine aid package includes more than twelve million rounds of small arms ammunition and grenades will also be provided, along with mine-clearing equipment and 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds.

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The new Ukraine aid package also includes thirty-seven tactical vehicles for towing and hauling equipment. The new Ukraine aid package comes as Ukrainian troops pushing ahead in a slow-moving counteroffensive in the southeast are coming up against fierce resistance from dug-in Russian forces.

Ukraine is not only outnumbered but also outgunned by Russia, with the help of the new Ukraine aid package, the amount of artillery will no longer struggle against trenches and mine fields. Kyiv will undoubtedly need more of the new Ukraine aid package support to keep the operation going and reclaim territory in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Congress has passed about $47 billion in new Ukraine aid package since the start of the war, with the new Ukraine aid package approved in December. Last week, the White House asked Congress for an additional $40 billion in security assistance, including about $13 billion specifically for defense needs.

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