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North Korea Crisis — Russia Give Its Warning

US and South Korea restart military drills
US and South Korea restart military drills

Korean Peninsula could soon descend into a new crisis

US and South Korea restart military drills

US and South Korea restart military drills

Russia warns new crisis in Korea

In a recent article published by South Korea News, the Korean Peninsula could soon descend into a new crisis, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has warned. A senior diplomat attributed the rising tensions primarily to an increasing US military presence in the region.

Speaking to the news agency TASS about North Korea crisi on the sidelines of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok on Monday, Georgy Zinoviev, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s First Asia Department, argued that the dynamics of events on the Korean Peninsula indicates that a new crisis is coming. He said that the increasingly warlike between North Korea and the US, as well as South Korea and Japan. The ramping up joint military drill may increase tension and might cause North Korea crisis.

Zinoviev told reporters about North Korea crisis, for the first time since 1981, an American Kentucky submarine with nuclear-capable ballistic missiles has appeared in South Korean seas. He added that the U.S., South Korea and Japan missile defense exercises are being held more regularly than before. The military drills might cause North Korea crisis but Washington claims that these drills are purely defensive measure which they find ridiculous. He added that the drill is anti-Russian and anti-Chinese undertones.

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North Korea crisis will not happen if the US and its regional allies put on hold their military drills and revised their sanctions-based approach to Russia. Last week, despite the possible North Korea crisis, they unveiled a new tactical attack submarine that is capable of launching nuclear missiles in a ceremony attended by the country’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

Despite North Korea crisis, North Korean leader revealed that Pyongyang was working to remodel existing submarines so they could carry nuclear weapons in case North Korea crisis will occur.

Earlier this month, North Korea announced that its military had conducted a tactical nuclear attack drill to warn the enemies of the actual danger of nuclear war. In mid-August, the country’s defense minister, General Kang Sun-nam, warned that a nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula was inevitable if North Korea crisis happens.

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