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Oregon Man Linked to Other Violent Sexual Assaults Kidnapped, Chained, and Locked a Woman in a Dungeon

Oregon man
Oregon man locked and chained a woman in a room. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

An Oregon man who is linked to other violent sexual assaults was arrested after he kidnapped, chained, and locked another woman in a dungeon.

Oregon man

Oregon man locked and chained a woman in a room. (Photo: True Crime Daily)

Oregon Man Sexually Assaulted, Chained and Locked a Woman in a Room

An Oregon man was charged and arrested after the woman he kidnapped, chained, and sexually assaulted escaped from the dungeon or a makeshift he built to commit the crime. The Oregon man is also linked to several other violent sexual assaults.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, police authorities identified the suspect as Negasi Zuberi who pretended as a police officer and told the victim that he was arresting her. The woman, who remained unnamed, thought that Zuberi was really a police officer. She was handcuffed and both of her legs were chained.

It was also found during the investigation that the Oregon man sexually assaulted and raped her during the drive. When they arrived at his residence, he locked the woman in a room he constructed in his garage. It has a security screen door and an exterior that will make it for anyone to escape.

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FBI Described the Room as a ‘Dungeon’

According to a published report in CNN News, the FBI described the room as a dungeon. The FBI officers also revealed that the woman told them that the Oregon man would kill her if she stayed in the room. She repeatedly banged on the door and was able to ask for help and called 911.

Klamath Falls Police detectives went to the house after they obtained a search warrant. It was then that they discovered the room where the woman was locked.

Furthermore, the FBI said, “Zuberi has been linked to violent sexual assaults in at least four states,” Other victims might know him as “Sakima,” “Justin Hyche,” or “Justin Kouassi.”

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