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Pastor Accused of Not Paying Sex Service Fatally Shots and Kills a Transgender Woman in Detroit

Pastor shot and killed a transgender woman. (Photo: OMFY)
Pastor shot and killed a transgender woman in Detroit. (Photo: OMFY)

The Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office announced that a pastor in Detroit pleaded guilty after he shot and killed a transgender woman in 2018.

Pastor shot and killed a transgender woman in Detroit. (Photo: OMFY)

Pastor shot and killed a transgender woman in Detroit. (Photo: OMFY)

Pastor Pleaded Guilty for Shooting and Killing a Transgender Woman

Albert Weathers, a pastor who shot and killed the transgender woman in Detroit, pleaded guilty to the crime he committed. He entered the plea to second-degree murder and felony firearm and this is in addition to the sentence agreement of eight years for second-degree murder and two years for felony firearm.

In a published article in The Detroit News, spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office Maria Miller said that Weathers “was given a bond in the case over the prosecutor’s objection and was not incarcerated while awaiting trial.”

She also added, “With courts not having jury trials during the pandemic, this slowed things down. Once the courts re-opened the prisoners in jail took priority on the trial docket. That is why his case took longer to go through the system.”

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How did the Shooting and Killing Start?

According to a published article in AOL, Weathers told the police officers during the investigation that the transgender woman tried to rob him after he dropped off his daughter at school. Police authorities identified the transgender woman as Kelly Stough.

However, the police authorities believed that the alleged shooting started from not paying for sex services. A sex worker testified that the pastor routinely sought out dates in the Six Mile and Woodward area for sex services.

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