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Philadelphia Police Seek Tips and Video Evidence in Gunpoint Rapes in Kingsessing

Philadelphia Police Seek Tips and Video Evidence in Gunpoint Rapes in Kingsessing
Philadelphia Police Seek Tips and Video Evidence in Gunpoint Rapes in Kingsessing

In relation to two unsettling gunpoint “stranger rapes” that took place in the city’s Kingsessing neighborhood over the weekend, Philadelphia police are aggressively looking for information and security camera evidence from the public.

These terrifying events happened in two different times periods: early in the morning and late at night. At three in the morning on Saturday, the first incident took place in the 1600 block of S. 55th Street. Authorities say a black male approached a female driver at a traffic signal at 55th and Kingsessing Avenue while she was inside her car and he was carrying a black revolver. With the gun aimed at her, he made a demand for cash. In compliance, the wife gave the man $20. Then he told her to open the car doors, made her drive to 49th and Bernard Streets, and attacked her sexually there. After the attack, the attacker brought her to an ATM and told her to take out additional cash before heading out of the neighborhood.

At 5 p.m., the second incident happened in the 1100 block of S. Paxon Street. The same man reportedly approached a lady strolling around the 5100 block of Springfield Avenue from behind, brandished a silver revolver at her, and demanded money, according to the authorities. After receiving $25 from the woman and some prescription medication, he pushed her into an alleyway behind Paxon Street, raped her sexually, and left the area. Police described the man as thin-built, wearing a blue mask, black jeans, a blue hoodie and a red Phillies cap with a white ‘P’.

The public is being urged by Captain Margo Alleyne-Parker to come forward with any Ring camera video evidence or suggestions that might aid in the investigation into these extremely serious crimes, which are being actively investigated by the Special Victims Unit.

“Our SVU detectives are still scouring through surveillance footage that they’ve recovered to see if we can identify this male, but we are also asking for the public’s help,” said Captain Alleyne-Parker. “To search through any Ring camera footage they may have if they notice anyone fitting the description.”

The community has been horrified by these disturbing acts, especially in light of the blatant nature of the daytime assault. Captain Alleyne-Parker stressed the significance of acting quickly, stating, “It is plain abhorrent to do anything on a public roadway, especially at five in the afternoon during the day. I wanted to make sure this was released as quickly as possible since I was so astonished.”

In case you possess any surveillance footage or information that might support our investigation, please give the Special Victims Unit a call at 215-685-3264 or contact 911. In addition, persons impacted by sexual abuse can get assistance and direction from services like the National Sexual abuse Resource Centre, which can be reached at 1-877-739-3895.

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