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Police Identify Possible Witness to a Murder of Rachel Morin

Rachel Morin
Murder victim -Rachel Morin

Police identify possible witnesses to Rachel Morin murder case

Rachel Morin

Murder victim -Rachel Morin

Authorities identified possible witnesses to Rachel Morin dreadful murder

In a recently published article by FoxNews, authorities identified possible witnesses to Rachel Morin murder case. It’s been a week without suspects or persons of interest linked in the dreadful killing of Rachel Morin. Morin lived in Maryland, who disappeared from an afternoon run last weekend.

Morin, 37-year-old and a mother of five was jogging on the Ma & Pa Trail in Bel Air around 6:30 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 5, when she disappeared. She was found lifeless the next afternoon without any witness to a murder. Ma & Pa Heritage Trail begins behind some businesses with decent foot traffic, including a brewery, a Domino’s and condominiums before it leads into a wooded area which makes it difficult to find witness to a murder.

Harford County Sheriff Jeff Gahler told Fox News on Friday that they are only sharing information that will help advance the investigation and to find possible witness to a murder. It is also a challenge for them to find possible witness to a murder of Morin. Officials are asking people who might have become a witness to a murder to come forward with information and let them vet it rather than posting it on social media.

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Sheriff’s office confirmed the identities of potential witness to a murder walking along the Ma & Pa Trail around the time Morin disappeared. Authorities had been looking to contact the group of men and women who might have witness to a murder, without even knowing it until they were eventually contacted on Friday morning. We hope that this possible witness to a murder can identify the suspects.

On Thursday, an open letter published to Facebook where Morin’s mother thanked the community for their help in finding witness to a murder and said her family needs time and space to grieve as family. She added that it has only been 4 days since they received the horrific news. Morin’s boyfriend, Richard Tobin also broke his silence on Sunday in a Facebook post after speculations that he might have played a role in her death. He said that he would never do anything to Morin, and to let him and the family grieve in silence.

Morin’s peculiar death has circulating speculations on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites. We are hoping that in time a witness to a murder of Rachel Morin will show up and give justice to the late victim.

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