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Power Outages in California Brought by Tropical Storm Hilary

Power Lines

Tropical Storm Hilary brought heavy rain on Sunday, causing power outages in California as the storm damaged power lines.

Power Lines Destroyed

Numerous residences are affected by the power outages in California as a result of the recent tropical storm Hilary.

After Nora in 1997, Hilary, which was downgraded to a post-tropical cyclone overnight, was the first tropical storm to enter California and caused power outages in California , according to the National Weather Service office in San Diego, which made the announcement Sunday night.

Hilary would have been the first tropical storm to make landfall in California since 1939 if it had approached from the ocean.

As it moves north, Hurricane Hilary is still anticipated to produce catastrophic floods and heavy rain to the southwest region of the United States.

At 6:50 a.m. ET, according to, there have been over 57,000 recorded power outages in California.

Los Angeles County reported over 23,000 of the outages, and San Bernardino County recorded over 6,000.

Joe Biden, the president, advised “everyone in the path of this storm to take precautions and listen to the guidance of state and local officials” in a message before leaving for Hawaii on Monday to assess the damage caused by disastrous wildfires on Maui.

The massive buildup of trash bordering the Los Angeles River is evidence that trash was forced to flow down surrounding streams and rivers as a result of the severe weather event that brought heavy rain to the area and caused power outages in California.

Several communities had to contend with debris, mudflows in their neighborhoods, and power outages in California as a result of Tropical Storm Hilary’s historic rain.

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The storm significantly damaged power lines as it was moving through the United States, and its violence left power outages in California.

Many drivers were left trapped by the storm’s flooded highways, which prompted power outages in California and forced many to wake up to massive trees on top of their automobiles.

Power lines in some areas are destroyed by the strong wind of the tropical storm leaving power outages in California.

However, power outages in California were solved as fast the authorities can, making citizens to utilize and access their equipment to stay posted about the storm’s  updated information and whereabouts.

Utility providers worked feverishly to bring electricity back to the communities affected by Hilary’s power outages in California. To fix power lines as quickly as possible and get electricity back, crews were sent out.

Stay Safe!

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