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Prison Time is Imposed on Ava Misseldine Who Stole the Identity of a Deceased Baby and $1.5 Million Pandemic Assistance


Ava Misseldine, a woman from Ohio, obtained phony IDs by claiming the identity of a child who had passed away in 1979. She received a six-year prison term.

In Frame: Ava Misseldine

Ava Misseldine, a woman from Ohio and a former bakery owner, obtained fraudulent identification cards by posing as a baby who had passed away in 1979. Six years in prison were imposed on her.

According to what the Attorney’s Office (Southern District of Ohio) said in a press release, 49-year-old Ava Misseldine entered a guilty plea to 16 counts of wire and passport fraud. Misseldine obtained a passport, a student pilot’s license, a position as a flight attendant, and pandemic relief funds using the baby’s identity.

Mr. Pfeuffer verified that Ava Misseldine had already paid more than $300,000 from the sale of a house in Michigan that she had purchased using funds from a Paycheck Protection Program loan.

He claimed that Ava Misseldine has another home in Utah that is now for sale, and the profits from that sale should put her just a few hundred thousand dollars away from paying back all of the money she stole from the P.P.P.

Ava Misseldine used both her real name and a fake one to get the funds in 2020.

Her loan application represented her enterprises as many bakeries and catering firms and contained falsified documentation.

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According to court records analyzed by Law & Crime, Ava Misseldine took the identity of Brie Bourgeois, a child who passed away in 1979 and is interred in a Columbus cemetery.

In 2003, Ms. Ava Misseldine applied for an Ohio driver’s license and Social Security card.

According to an article by Law & Crime, she got a student pilot’s license and a U.S. passport in 2007, which she needed to go abroad as a flight attendant for JetSelect.

After Ava Misseldine attempted to renew her passport in 2021, which was suspected of being a fraudulent transaction, an investigation was opened.

Over the following 13 years, Ava Misseldine kept using the alias, including in 2014 during a hearing for a federal bankruptcy according to the investigation.

According to court records, she purchased houses in Michigan for more than $325,000 and in Utah next to Zion National Park for close to $650,000.

Ava Misseldine will be required to relinquish the Utah residence and return the proceeds from the recent sale of the Michigan residence as part of her $1.5 million in reparations.

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