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Rent Your Car or Rent a Car: 3 Alternatives to the Traditional Car Rental Companies

Car rentals can be such a hassle. (Photo: iStock)

When traveling, renting a car is always an option, but, like buying a car, renting a car can be a hassle and expensive process. Here are 3 alternative options to use, whether you want to rent your car or rent a car.

Car rentals can be such a hassle. (Photo: iStock)

Do you want to rent your car or rent a car? Here are three alternatives to the big-name, conventional car rental companies you know.

According to an article posted by Komando, there is an alternative to the traditional car rentals in the form of one-to-one car rentals. Here are the three alternatives that you can use.

The first option is Getaround. Here you can browse hundreds of rental cars in the area where you are. Choose the car that you like and within a minute, your driver’s license and credit card will be verified. Or if you wish to rent your car, you can choose when your car is available and Getaround will handle the rest. With Getaround, you can rent your car or rent a car. Just use the Getaround app that is available in both Android and iOS app stores.

The second option would be Hyrecar. Hyrecar is more catered to drivers who wish to make extra income driving for rideshare programs like Uber and Lyft. Although the process is simple, it is quite time consuming. You create an account, locate a car that you want to rent, and send an application. WHen Hyrecar approves you, you will upload your document to Lyfte or Uber. Like Getaround you can also rent your car to drivers who are in need of extra income.

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These alternatives provide ways for users to save money and present more choices as car rental companies.

The last option is Turo. Burnaby stated that Turo was launched in Ontario in 2016. Turo allows you to rent a car or rent your car to people.

Turo is similar to Airbnb but for cars. The process is fairly simple, you just browse cars that are shared by people, you can choose your vehicle that is in your location and availability. You can opt for the car to be delivered to you or to meet the car owner in the location. Just like Getaround, you can also rent your car here. When you rent your car here, Turo will list and estimate your car’s worth. Although Turo may not be for you when you are under time constraints. 

While you may be uncomfortable with the idea that you have to rent your car to others, there are obvious benefits, said Jennifer Cummings, who opted to do the “rent your car” option. She said she has grossed over $80,000 a year.

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