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Retired Electrician from Maryland Won $117,175 Lotto Jackpot


A retired electrician from Maryland who is also a longtime lottery player could not believe his eyes when he saw that he won a $117,175 progressive jackpot in the FAST PLAY Big Money Double game.

A retired electrician from Maryland won a jackpot playing Big Money Doubler. (Photo:

A retired electrician from Maryland, who enjoys a variety of Lottery games, has won $117,175 while playing in the Fast Play Big Money Doubler game.

According to The Baynet, the 83-year-old retired electrician won his biggest Lottery prize when he stopped to fill his gas tank on August 15 at a Wawa store in Charlotte Hall. The $5 Big Miney Double ticket that the retired electrician bought that same day delivered one of the game’s progressive jackpots, which was $117,175.

The retired electrician said that he could not believe that he won and have shown the result to his wife and son to confirm. The retired electrician chose to remain anonymous and go by the name ‘Johnny Carson.’

The retailer that the retired electrician bought his ticket, The St. Mary’s County will receive a $1,000 bonus from the lottery for selling a FAST PLAY ticket paying a prize of $100,00 or more.

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The $5 Big Money Doubler game ticket has a progressive jackpot that starts at $40,000 and increases with the purchase of each ticket until someone buys a jackpot winning ticket.

According to The Bellingham Herald, the retired electrician and his wife had already made a list of things to buy with their prize money. The retired electrician also said that he plans to continue playing the lottery.

Charlotte Hall, the place where the retired electrician bought his ticket, is about 70 miles south of Baltimore.

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