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Shocking Incident: 6-Year-Old Bronx Girl Stabbed in the Back by Teen Cousin, Police Report

Photo: The Sun

Shocking Incident: 6-Year-Old Bronx Girl Stabbed in the Back by Teen Cousin, Police Report

Gangs force children to take knives to SCHOOL for the 'sole purpose' of getting them expelled | Daily Mail Online

A tragic incident occurred in the Bronx where a 6-year-old Bronx girl was allegedly stabbed in the back by a 16-year-old autistic cousin (Photo: Daily Mail)

6-Year-Old Bronx Girl Stabbed by Autistic Teen Relative in Horrifying Home Incident

According to the New York Post, police said, a 6-year-old Bronx girl from the Bronx, aged 6, reportedly suffered a stabbing incident within her residence. This disturbing event occurred shortly before 2 a.m. on Vyse Avenue, near Whitlock Avenue. The alleged perpetrator in this tragic incident was identified as a 16-year-old cousin of the 6-year-old Bronx girl, who is reported to be on the autism spectrum.

The 6-year-old Bronx girl’s anguished screams served as a distressing alert to her mother, who promptly responded to the horrifying scene. Following the attack, the suspect swiftly left the apartment located on the third floor. In response to this dire situation, the alarmed mother immediately dialed 911, leading to the rapid arrival of Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

The injured child was subsequently transported to Lincoln Hospital, where she received medical attention for injuries that, thankfully, were not considered life-threatening. A police source revealed that both the 6-year-old Bronx girl and the assailant were present in the bedroom at the time of the incident, with the mother discovering the stabbing upon hearing the girl’s cries.

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Cops Recover Bloody Knife in Stabbing of 6-Year-Old Bronx Girl, Motive Remains Unclear

According to an article from Newstral, the police successfully recovered the bloodied kitchen knife, a significant development in their investigation of the 6-year-old Bronx girl’s stabbing. However, the motive behind the violence remains a mystery to law enforcement. As of Saturday afternoon, the suspect was not in custody, raising concerns and the determination to resolve the case.

A woman who answered the family’s door on Saturday morning mentioned their ongoing struggle to make sense of the situation, expressing that they currently have no comments to offer.

This Saturday’s stabbing contributes to an unsettling trend of youth-related violence in the city, emphasizing the necessity for sustained efforts to address and prevent such incidents.

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