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Shooting at Bowie State University Injures 2 During Homecoming Weekend, Believed to Involve Multiple Shooters

Shooting at Bowie State University Injures 2 During Homecoming Weekend, Believed to Involve Multiple Shooters
Shooting at Bowie State University Injures 2 During Homecoming Weekend, Believed to Involve Multiple Shooters

Authorities suspect multiple shooters may have been involved in the shooting incident that left two 19-year-olds injured at Bowie State University in Maryland during homecoming weekend.

At the Centre for Business and Graduate Studies at Bowie State University, the victims—both 19-year-old men—were shot. At a press conference on Sunday, Superintendent Col. Roland Butler of the Maryland State Police affirmed this. Interestingly, neither of the wounded people attended Bowie State University, and they had no connection to the neighbouring Morgan State University either. The tragedy highlights how prevalent gun violence is in America and how it affects people on a daily basis.

According to school administrators on Facebook, the initial reports of gunfire at Bowie State University were received by the university’s police at around 11:45 p.m. on Saturday.

Maj. Kenny Brown, the state police’s associate bureau head, said the shooting is thought to have been an isolated incident. Law enforcement officers from the Prince George County Police Department, the Bowie State University police force, and Maryland State Police troopers worked together to maintain campus safety throughout homecoming weekend.

Despite the lack of identifiable individuals, law enforcement officers are continuously searching for clues. Initial inquiries point to the possibility of many shooters being involved.

According to the university’s website, 6,408 students are presently enrolled at Prince George’s County-based Bowie State University for the Fall 2023 semester.

The shooting at Morgan State University, which is about a 45-minute drive away, happened after the event at Bowie State. In the Morgan State incident, gunshots broke out outside a packed homecoming gathering, wounding four students and one other person. As a result, students started to run, and as they looked for a culprit, officials issued orders to stay indoors for hours.

Bowie State invited Morgan State students to participate in their own homecoming festivities, because Morgan State had cancelled its homecoming game due to the tragedy. Bowie State Athletics posted the slogan “Together, we are HBCU Strong” on social media.

University administrators and law enforcement are extremely worried about these regrettable gunshot occurrences on college campuses during homecoming week, which is a period intended to bringing students and alumni together for festivities.

Bowie State University president Aminta H. Breaux expressed her “deep sadness” at the press conference on Sunday. The shooting, according to her, happened “after a weeklong series of wonderful festivities for our homecoming celebration.” Bowie State has scheduled a number of nighttime homecoming festivities on Saturday night, including comedic and musical acts and an after-party at the Leonidas S. James Physical Education Complex.

In reaction to the tragedy, Breaux said that Bowie State will be cancelling classes on Monday and offering 24-hour counselling services to students.

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