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Skeletal Remains Of A Woman Was Identified By The Investigators, However No Missing Report Was Made By The Relatives

Skeletal Remains Of A Woman Was Identified By The Investigators (Photo: Kaieteur News)

Skeletal remains discovered in Sarasota, Florida, was identified as Jeana Lynn Burrus after more than 16 years by investigators, but that only raises more questions. Why did victim’s family not file a missing person’s report when she vanished at the age of 39?

Skeletal Remains Of A Woman Was Identified By The Investigator (Photo: iStock)

In a report published by Law & Crime, The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office stated in a post on Wednesday that the investigation into Jeana’s skeletal remains was made more difficult by the fact that her whereabouts had not been investigated and she had never been reported missing by family.

A shallow burial containing her skeletal remains was discovered on Ashton Court, a roadway located about three miles from where Burrus and her family resided. Investigators have identified skeletal remains that were found in Sarasota in 2007 16 years later.

According to the source, a woman who leases the Sarasota property where the family resided claimed authorities investigated it several months ago but found nothing.

The skeletal remains of the victim Jeana Burrus, her husband, James Burrus, have been recognized by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, who stated that they are currently searching for any information on them.

According to investigators, the skeletal remains were discovered on February 6, 2007, buried in a small grave in the Sarasota woods near Ashton Court.

In a report published by Fox 13, However, the case about the skeletal remains was unsolved until November 2022, when investigators collaborated with DNA Labs International Inc. To identify the skeletal remains using advances in genetic genealogy and DNA testing.

According to SCSO officials, the skeletal remains was identified as Jeana Lynn Burrus, who was 39 years old at the time of her passing. She, her husband, and their son James Burrus Jr. resided on the 6200 block of Pauline Avenue in Sarasota, according to deputies.

According to investigators, the identified skeletal remains -Jeana Burrus’ family never reported her missing, which hindered SCSO’s inquiry into her death.













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