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Social Media Hate Posts Against LGBTQ — Found on Pride Flag Killing Suspect’s Account

Laura Carleton
Laura Carleton was killed over LGBTQ pride flag

Hate posts found on pride flag killing suspect’s account

Laura Carleton

Laura Carleton was killed over LGBTQ pride flag

Pride flag killing suspect appears to have a long history of hate against LGBTQ

In a recent article published by NBCNews, authorities said that the 27 year old man who shot and killed a California business owner over a Pride flag displayed in her store appears to have had a years long history of posting disturbing, and mostly violent against LGBTQ on social media.

The suspect, Travis Ikeguchi, killed Laura Ann Carleton, 66, on Friday, after confronting her over the clothing store’s Pride flag. Shortly after fleeing the store, Mag.Pi, Ikeguchi died in a shootout with law enforcement. Authorities said Ikeguchi had a long history of sharing social media hate posts that were critical of the LGBTQ community. The said social media hate post was seen on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter.

While authorities said they have not received confirmation on social media hate posts belonging to Ikeguchi, an X account under Ikeguchi’s full name was created in 2015. Social media hate posts were shared repeatedly using the suspect’s full name. Many of the social media hate posts under the suspect’s name include references to Christianity and anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

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On one of the suspect’s social media hate posts, he called LGBTQ inclusion a cancer. In August 2021, the account posted another social media hate posts comparing the user’s views on LGBTQ rights with his views on abortion. He posted that abortion is a path to death for the unborn and LGBTQ is a path to death for the once who are already been born.

On June 13, during Pride Month, the account expressed his social media hate against LGBTQ by posting a photo of a burning Pride flag with the caption: What to do with the LGBTQP flag? The “P” added to the LGBTQ initialism refer to pedophile. Three days later, the account retweeted social media hate posts condemning an image of a scissor cutting through the center of the LGBTIQA+ initialism.

Feig said that anyone using hateful language against the LGBTQ+ community or social media hate posts need to realize that their words matter. Words can inspire violence against innocent people. He added that we should all keep moving forward with tolerance and love.

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