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St. Cloud Mom Slits Her 3-Month-Old Son’s Throat, Dumps the Body in a Trash Can

St. Cloud Minnesota mom
St. Cloud Minnesota mom pleaded guilty for fatally killing her 3-month-old son. (Photo: Law & Crime)

A mom in St. Cloud, Minnesota slits the throat of her 3-month-old son’s throat and dumped the dead body in a trash can.

3-month-old boy was stabbed to death

St. Cloud Minnesota mom pleaded guilty for fatally killing her 3-month-old son. (Photo: Law & Crime)

Woman Pleaded Guilty for Fatally Killing Her 3-Month-Old Son

A mom in St. Cloud Minnesota identified as Fardoussa Abdillahi entered into a guilty plea for second-degree murder and she will face 30 years imprisonment. She slit the throat of her 3-month-old son sometime in November 2021 and dumped the dead body in a trash can.

In a published article in TRUE CRIME DAILY, St. Cloud Police Department responded to her home after receiving a call reporting that a child went missing. Officers immediately went to the home at 2900 block of Maine Prairie Road to conduct a welfare check.

When the officers arrived, they found the dead body of the 3-month-old in a trash can. It was also found that Fardoussa Abdillahi was arrested and initially charged with second-degree murder but it was amended to first-degree murder.

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St. Cloud Mom Admitted of Killing Her Son

According to a report published in FOX9 News, Fardoussa Abdillahi initially said that she threw the body of her son in the dumpster but officers could not find the deceased body of the 3-month-old boy. Later, she admitted that slit the throat of her son and wrapped the body in a garbage bag.

Furthermore, the criminal report says that the woman experienced headaches, feelings of worry, and fear after she gave birth to her son. This all started after the father of her son denied the child was his.

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