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Subscription Services You No Longer Use: Here’s How to Cancel Them


An average American pays 596 dollars a year in junk fees. Not only that but 42% of Americans pay for subscription services that they do not use. When this all adds together, a person may be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year for subscription services that you no longer need or want.


You may have wondered where your money goes even when it felt like you are not spending any. This might be because of subscription services that you are no longer using but are still paying. It has become so easy to start a free trial and forget about it, that quickly adds up month after month.


According to Cord Cutter News, one of the dangers of subscription services, may it be cord cutting or not, is how easy it is for a person to sign up for subscription services and the completely forget about it. Now, there is a service that helps to find all of the subscription services that you have and easily cancels them. This is something that could help you save a lot of money.


This is Rocket Money. Rocket money offers to scan your bank accounts and look for all your subscription services. After it looks after your account, it will list all of the subscription services tat you are paying for, also helping for subscription services that you do not want.


If you see any subscription services that you are still paying but no longer want it, tell Rocket Money to cancel those, and they will do it for you.

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A survey from C + R Reasearch in 2022 says that 42% of people are paying services that they are no longer using. That is quite a lot of money being spent on things that people are not using.


According to ABC 11, most consumers forget that they still pay for services that they no longer use. Many of these happen because one got enticed by free trials, and then completely forget to cancel these after the trial is over. If you have to put a credit or bank card in order to get the free trial, then you must know that once the free trial is over, you will be getting charged.


If you agree for a contract will a certain period of time, they will automatically renew your services. There is also a need to be aware of scammers that imperosonate online subscriptions like Netrflix or Spotify. They will send you emails/texts claiming that your passwords is compromised an then asks you to click a lick to verify you account. Never do that, go directly to the company website and log in you account to see if you need to take action.


A few tips when it comes to online subscriptions: do plenty of research on companies, include scam or complaint in you search to reveal any red flags; investigate free trials, understand how auto renewal works, know how to stop a subscription, cancel unwanted subscriptions early, and periodically review your active subscriptions.

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