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Teen Arrested in Morgan State University Shooting, Second Suspect at Large

Five individuals were injured in a shooting that happened on the Morgan State University campus in Baltimore, and a 17-year-old kid has been taken into custody in relation to it. Another suspect has been named by the authorities and is still at large.

Arrest of the Teen Suspect: In relation to the shooting, the 17-year-old suspect—who has not been identified because of his age—is accused of many charges of attempted murder. On Thursday, Baltimore Police verified that he had been arrested in Washington, D.C.
Look for the Second Suspect: Jovan Williams, 18, is wanted in relation to the same shooting incident. Police have published his picture. Williams is considered to be “armed and dangerous” by the authorities, who advise anybody who comes into contact with him to dial 911 right away.

Students’ Relieved and Surprised: Morgan State University students expressed their relieved after learning of the arrests. Some, like first-year Lorraine Coleman, were taken aback to discover how young the suspects were. According to Coleman, “The fact they were able to have their hands on a gun and be able to walk on campus, harm people—it’s sad to see that it would be someone so young.”

Cooperation in Identifying the Suspects: Baltimore Police, the Washington Metro Police Department, and federal law enforcement organisations worked together to identify and track down the suspects. An essential component of the inquiry was the surveillance footage from the event. It’s yet unknown if detectives have found any more suspects or people of interest.

Context of the incident: The incident happened soon after Morgan State University’s Mr. and Ms. Morgan State University crowning ceremony, which kicked off homecoming week festivities. According to investigators, there was shooting close to the dormitories of the Marshall Apartment Complex as a consequence of a disagreement between two parties. According to Acting Police Commissioner Richard Worley, there were rumoured to be three armed individuals.

Following the incident, four males and a woman, ages 18 to 22, sustained non-life-threatening injuries. Notably, Morgan State University students made up four of the victims. All homecoming celebrations, activities, and lessons for that week were cancelled in reaction to the tragedy. This was the third year in a row that a shooting occurred during homecoming week at the institution.

Campus Security Improvements: Morgan State University has launched a multimillion-dollar campus security strategy in response to these attacks. Barrier fence will be installed around the campus’s perimeter as part of this design. The barrier, which was once characterised as a wall, will now include more components that are comparable to those that are currently in place.

Additional security measures that have been suggested include the possible installation of metal detectors, weapon detecting equipment, and the reinforcement of already-existing resources like the blue light emergency boxes. Students have already observed more police presence and tighter security on campus, especially in the area of Thurgood Marshall Hall, which is identified by a boarded-up window that acts as a reminder.

The institution is looking for federal and state assistance to help pay for these improvements in security.

If you have any further information about the shooting, please call Metro Crime Stoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP. You can also leave an anonymous report.

The significance of campus security and the difficulties institutions experience in guaranteeing the safety of their employees and students are highlighted by the arrests and the ongoing investigations.

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