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Texas Buses Over 50,000 Illegal Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities

Texas Buses Over 50,000 Illegal Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities
Texas Buses Over 50,000 Illegal Border Crossers to Sanctuary Cities

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, more than 50,000 people who entered the country illegally have been transported by bus to self-declared sanctuary communities all throughout the nation. This plan, which was started in April 2022, intends to help the overburdened border communities in Texas while drawing attention to the persistent difficulties with border security.

New York City has received the most of these people, followed by Chicago, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Denver, and Los Angeles. The increase of illegal border crossings and what Governor Abbott regarded as inaction on the part of the Biden administration to protect the southern border led to his decision to deploy the busing approach.

The plan started with sending foreign nationals who had snuck into the country illegally from Texas to Washington, D.C. Over 12,500 individuals have elected to be transferred to the capital of the country since it began.

Governor Abbott extended the programme to Philadelphia, Chicago, and New York City last year in a bid to broaden its appeal. Since last August, more than 18,500 passengers have been transported by bus to New York City, more than 13,500 to Chicago, and more than 3,200 to Philadelphia.

Denver and Los Angeles have been added to the programme this year. Currently, since May 18, more than 3,200 persons have arrived in Denver, and since June 14, more than 940 have been taken to Los Angeles.

After an influx of people arrived between Eagle Pass and El Paso, Texas, around two weeks ago, Governor Abbott just decided to route more buses there. These buses have been dispatched to sanctuary communities, who have said they are prepared to take these people in, offering a short-term solution to the problems Texas border towns are currently facing.

Abbott said, “Until President [Joe] Biden upholds his constitutional duty to secure America’s southern border, Texas will continue to deploy as many buses as needed to relieve the strain caused by the surge of illegal crossings.”

Adults must sign a disclaimer on behalf of themselves and any youngsters in their care, present documents to the Department of Homeland Security, and choose one of the six self-declared sanctuary towns as their final destination in order to take part in the busing programme.

In order to promote effective coordination and aid in moving these people, Texas border mayors and county judges have been required to notify the Texas Department of Emergency Management of any drop-offs arranged by the Department of Homeland Security in their areas.

According to data, the majority of people who need transport paid for by Texas taxpayers choose to travel to New York City and Chicago. The main destinations have always been Chicago and New York City, with Denver being added as a third location.

Notably, the city of El Paso started its own busing system over a year ago with funding from FEMA, while being under Democratic administration. Venezuelans make up the majority of those relocated as part of this effort to deal with the continued flood of migrants, accounting for almost 70% of all those moved. The remaining goods originate from Cuba, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Haiti, Ecuador, and El Salvador.

As of October 6, El Paso has been releasing 1,534 border crossers per day, with around 480 of them being transported by bus to Chicago, New York City, and Denver.

A startling discovery is that five charter buses carrying passengers travel daily between El Paso and Chicago.

According to city statistics, three charter buses carry people to New York City and Denver each day.

The decision by Texas to transport illegal border crossers to sanctuary towns highlights the continuous difficulties border states confront as well as the larger immigration issue in the United States. At the state and federal levels, the issue continues to be a substantial source of worry and controversy.

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